‘Face the Music’: 

“be confronted with the unpleasant consequences and face them”

As per the expression above, FACE the Music comes as an association for the extended and international nighttime industry formed as a consequence of the current global crisis generated by the COVID-19 state of emergency.

Being the nightlife industry directly affected, a rising collective concern has appeared towards the need of uniting us all in order to save our industry and effect viable changes as opposed to top-down approaches. Clubbing cannot become clinical and at the same time must stay safe. This we will achieve through identifying the several approaches which already exist on national levels , but also, new approaches which will come as a consequence of this alliance and of such an unprecedented time to us all when the entire dance music industry is on a standstill.

The ideologies of this collective go beyond the business case only. The combination of people involved here have music as a passion and a way of life. We are those who approach music as a form of art and cultural entertainment around the idea of building communities and a musical movement, therefore, making use of social, intellectual, academic, artistic and cultural forms. This is to make the business case even stronger as financial aid is right now, the most crucial difficulty most businesses are faced with.

With that said, the ways in which the aims of this alliance has come to exist are via a not-for-profit association which will act globally; it will aim to support and enhance the electronic music industry primarily; to educate, unite, challenge and lead in matters where the industry needs one voice to be properly presented as a viable sector facing decision makers in politics and culture. 

We would like to represent and put together not only the direct industry affected here -Booking & Management Agencies, Artists, Promoters, Clubs, Venues, or Tour Managers -  but also the ones who are related such as media professionals, visual artists / designers, travel agencies, airlines,  hotels and those who form the so called Szenewirtschaft meaning scene economy, the smaller businesses surrounding a specific venue such as convenience stores, and not to forget all the dancers as supporters and “techno tourists”, thus forming, a more pluralistic representation of the nightlife in question.

The set aims of this organisation is primarily to:

●      strengthen this industry’s collective needs by uniting its members as a centralised force to tackle common issues, difficulties and aims especially in times of turmoil such as the current global emergency.

●      Provide government lobbying power on behalf of all members.

●      Collate up-to-date information on measures as a response to the current crisis in a centralised manner so to provide instructions in a consistent way to and from our members in regards to the steps towards our industry’s re-opening. This is achieved through educating, empowering and assisting members in aspects of health & safety, managing developing markets, sharing and exchanging data with the main focus of serving the industry’s best interests..

●      Represent the economic difficulties we are all facing as an industry and through that mitigate ways of generating alternative forms of financial aid and support that recognise the particular situation the industry finds itself in. 

●      Identify ways of driving sponsorship and/or funding which would be available to events to the benefits of our members.

●      Establish communication with other associations who share the same aims as ours and create partnerships and initiatives. Some examples include the Booking United, the Global Night Mayor, EFEM, NTIA in the UK and to name a few.  

●      We aim to maintain and cultivate countercultures that will reactivate the public’s engagement with democratic institutions and their plausible futures by standing for, not only music but art and cultural entertainment and its valid integrity towards formed communities’ interests beyond the case of  “market” but music scenes.

●      This alliance considers music and nightlife coming in all different shapes and voices and at the same time recognises the need to actively discuss and encourage diversity. This also means we are open to all and are waiting to hear you raising concerns of your own.



FACE the music, an alliance For Art and Cultural Entertainment (FACE), was founded in the summer of 2020 in response to the emergency brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic that saw nightlife not only being suspended worldwide but also as a sector facing the most uncertainty about how and when it may re-open.

While national efforts to save this culture are under discussion in places recognising nightlife such as Berlin or Amsterdam, FACE has identified the need for a collective and coordinated international response. It is to take into account local initiatives as potential best practices but also aims to inform better practices which reflect the specific needs of artists, agencies and related sectors. As such FACE considers its mission to go beyond the business case of the so-called creative economy and decisively raises awareness of the beneficial effects of nightlife in all of its social, intellectual, academic, artistic, and (counter-)cultural forms.

Founding Members: 

Tracy Bakala - Yoyaku
Isis Salvaterra - Toi Toi Musik 
Agustin Schlesinger - Avant Garten
Roberto Blach - Zero Logistics 

© 2020 by Isis Salvaterra for 'FACE the Music" 

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